Slave Island

Lured by the promise of an all-expense paid dream vacation, Julianna Beckett is kidnapped and held captive on an isolated island. Daily whippings, bondage and intense sexual training are just part the brutal regimen of erotic torture and forced submission, as Julianna is prepared for sale into sexual slavery. At the hands of sadistic trainers, Julianna's world is narrowed to the avoidance of pain and the release found through forced sexual stimulation.

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Sold into Slavery

Ruthless sex slave traffickers have set their sights on Leah Jacobs, a young American vacationing in Thailand. Unaware of the kidnappers' net closing around her, Leah meets Devin Lyons, a sexy Englishman with a shared love of all things BDSM. After a sensual night of erotic exploration, the two plan to meet again the next evening.

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In this deeply disturbing and twisted tale, a young woman is abducted, only to be tortured and degraded to the point that she loses her identity. Jane becomes 'frog' - a sexual object to be used and humiliated through an endless series of perverted tortures devised by two fiendish sadists who will stop at nothing to debase and break her down. Come with her on a journey into the erotic depths of torture and terror - if you dare.

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Forced Submission

Mia is thrilled when she's hired as administrative assistant to handsome millionaire, Ellis Hughes. Her dream job quickly becomes a nightmare when she learns, too late, that Ellis Hughes is a sexual sadist, determined to mold her into his perfect submissive slave girl. Stripped of her freedom and her identity, Mia becomes M, her life focused entirely on the avoidance of pain and the seeking of what pleasure she can find in the dungeon of the man she now knows only as Sir.

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The Toy

The Toy is the story of a young woman, Gina, who is kidnapped by two men: one a romantic, the other a sadist. Gordon and Frank use the terrified girl for their pleasure, keeping her prisoner in a room full of mirrors. While Gordon introduces Gina to the whip, the cane and the rope, Frank introduces her to the kiss and a sexual awakening that leaves her hungry for more.

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Switching Gears

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Jack told himself love was for losers, what he really needed was someone strong enough to show him the truth...

Jack Harris, a tattooed auto mechanic with roguish good looks, prides himself on being impervious to love. When challenged to reconnect with the one that got away, Alexei was the first to come to Jack's mind. It's been years since Jack walked away from the traditional leather scene, its rigid rules and conventions too confining for a man used to taking who and what he wants. Though they've lost contact over the years, he's always maintained respect and affection for his old mentor and scene partner, Alexei, the only man he ever trusted completely. Alexei hones in on Jack's anger and restlessness, with the same uncanny knack he always had. Alexei says he has the cure... Jack isn't so sure.

Marcos Savakis watches with disdainful amusement as Jack boasts of his sexual conquests at the monthly meetings of the Solitary Knights. Marcos has spent years in the scene, training submissives to serve others, his heart insulated from the process. At the request of a dying friend, he reluctantly accepts a new charge to train. The man he discovers waiting on his knees is the last person he would have ever expected, and the first person to touch his heart.



Review by British Bull Dog - Rating 4 Stars

This story is intriguingly different from the first two in the series...Ms. Thompson skillfully allows us to see into Jack's complex emotions... This book is powerful. ...Devotees of this genre [BDSM] will relish in the web of physical and emotional pleasure/pain the author has spun.

Reviewed by Wave for ReviewsbyJesseWave - Rating: 4 stars

Claire Thompson is on familiar ground in this newest entry in the Solitary Knights sweepstakes with Switching Gears and she shows her intimate knowledge of a world that's unknown to most of us...I recommend this book to any reader who is a fan of Claire Thompson's writing, or is familiar with BDSM romances, or someone who wants to try something different and exciting. Recommended.

LoveRomances and More - Rating 4 Hearts

SWITCHING GEARS is a wonderful tale about two very strong men who had their hearts broken long ago... Ms. Claire brings together these two characters with so much suppressed desires that I was afraid the computer screen would blow up. ...Ms. Thompson delves into their pasts and shows the scars left behind from relationships gone wrong and with a little BDSM thrown in to enhance their desires, this author completely captivates her readers. ...Just be warned this is truly a hot story that will have you ravishing your significant other afterwards.

Reviewed by Erotichorizon.blogspot

...SWITCHING GEARS is a great name for this book - it is such a play on everything that the book is about, attitude, mannerism and eventually lifestyle. ...BDSM is not for everyone, but I have always thought Thompson does have a gentle hand at introducing this kink to her reader, she bring out the sensual side of the art as well as the emotional connection between the players. ...Thompson's style is a dead give away in this one, little sarcasm was tossed in here and there to soften the more aggressive scenes, and she didn't skimp on the details - I love that about her... As a third book this was a perfect addition, and I think I am loving this one the best so far...


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